Constant Improvement

For us real estate agents, feedback is so important. It helps determine how to continually improve our business and support our customers with their real estate needs. 

Recently, we sold or own home which was a big decision for us. We lived in a house we really considered our home. It was nestled right next to our kids' old elementary school. However, our kids were getting bigger and the house was getting smaller.

When we put our house on the market, we had a lot of showings but no immediate offers AND no feedback. It seemed to be priced correctly but the buyers that toured it just weren't the right ones. So we reached out to one of my partners to help us take a less emotional look at our house to determine what we could improve on. We took his suggestions and were able to sell our house quickly with multiple offers!

While we get a lot of positive feedback, it's the negative feedback that drives improvement. Thanks to customer feedback, we added a carboard insert to the bottom of the bag to allow it to support heavier objects (such as a custom soy candle, wink wink).

Thank you for all of your feedback and support as we continue to grow our business. What additional products could we carry that your clients will love?

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