The Double Win

Clients know that a cheap gift with your contact info is just a fancy business card. Everyone likes to feel special and handing your client a drawstring bag with your logo and contact info is not going to do that. I love taking that knowledge and leaving my clients with something they will appreciate. And if it’s something that they will use continually…that’s a double win!

Celebrate your clients’ closing with a mug, a candle, a wine opener. We have been branding our gifts with the Welcome Home® design. Why? Rather than a gift that feels like a business card, a gift like this becomes celebration. When they drink their morning coffee in a "Welcome Home" mug, they will think of you even without your phone number on the mug! If they remember you every time they sip, then you can stay top-of-mind effortlessly.

At Welcome Home Bags we have been growing our inventory with thoughtful gifts that clients will love. We have a lot of ideas but if we can help you pamper your clients, we are all ears. Have an idea for a great product? Click here to shoot us an email or even a text!

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